Automatic Website Screenshots

Schedule periodic screenshots of websites.
We'll automatically capture the screenshot images and store them for you reliably in a searchable archive.

If your professional processes involve taking regular website screenshots, this tool will make your life so much better - there's not much that comes close to the usefulness of autoScreenshot.

Save Time & Resources:
Let us care about your regular website screenshots

Screenshots On Autopilot

Set an interval and we'll reliably fetch your website screenshots regularly.

Searchable Archive

Secure and searchable screenshots archive for up to 36 months (or more).

Independent Proof

Provide proof how a website exactly looked like at a certain point in time.

Full Page Screenshots

Capture the full height of an entire web page or just a part of it.

Responsive Websites

Supports any screen size to check how websites look on different devices

Web Access & Sharing

Access your website screenshots from anywhere, easily share with others.